« The Sun Shines »


Nice little family formation of 2 to 4 musicians including Elvira, Elena, Iana and Marc; mastering various instruments with brio, such as clavier, singing, guitar and violin; the whole family has a very good training and several years of musical experience to delight young and old.


Our repertoire covers the period from the 50s to today. It includes French, English, Germans, Spaniards, Italians and Russians songs.


Our style of music includes waltzes, tango, foxtrot, country, rumba, marching music, samba, slow, blues, swing, cha-cha, ballads, rock, twist, disco, pop etc.


We animate your evenings with cocktail parties, birthdays, weddings (civil and religious ceremonies), baptisms, balls, village festivals, dance evenings and corporate, year-end celebrations, inaugurations, public events, etc.


Travel throughout Switzerland and abroad

The Sun Shines

Music Orchestra

The Sun Shines

Music Orchestra​