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The Sun Shines

Music Orchestra​

The Sun Shines

Music Orchestra​

a successful party


Birthday, wedding, private party, corporate cocktail or evening, the Sunshine are there to help you succeed your event.


Here are some points where you have to think to prepare our arrival:


  • For the music to be enjoyable for all, think about planning ahead the musical style you want, songs, duration, the times when we have to play as well as the times when you want a pause (for example during the meal)

  • Tell us if you want a gentle background music and then a more lively dance music.

  • Think to program the lights according to your event.

  • Preferably, we would place ourselves near the dance floor (if any), in public view.

  • Thank you to tell us in advance how much time we have to play and at what time the festival ends.

  • Think to advertise for your event on Facebook, on Twitter, on the internet, in the newspaper, with flyers, by word-of-mouth, etc., so that as many people can enjoy your event and music.

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