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The Sun Shines

Music Orchestra​

The Sun Shines

Music Orchestra​

a successful marriage



In order that the best day of your life to be a success, put there some music! We are here to help you prepare and plan the music that will accompany this happy event.


Dance floor

Think to make available a sufficiently large dance floor and in view of all in order that all your guests can come and dance to the music.


Opening of the ball

Before or after the main dish the bride and groom will open the ball on the music of their choice. The guests will then join them on the dance floor.

Think to inform us early enough for choosing this music so that we can prepare.


Receipt of musicians

For such an event, we are on the way for a minimum of 14 hours (preparation time, movement, assembly and disassembly tools, etc.). Therefore, we would be grateful to have a meal. We will eat last and of course faster than your guests!

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